• Parent Information Committee (PIC) / Parent Advisory Council (PAC)


    The Parent Information Committee (PIC) and Parent Advisory Council (PAC) are organizations that meet monthly at the Central Administration Office.

    PIC/PAC consists of parent organization representatives from each of our District schools.

    These groups come together to discuss various topics of importance, as well as different educational initiatives and District happenings with PIC Chair Margie Rafferty-Criscione, Board of Education President Frank Capone, Superintendent of Schools, Mary Ellen Walker, and Business Administrator Amy Doherty.

    PIC meetings are videotaped and open to the public.



    The representatives' responsibilities are to attend each monthly meeting and report back to their individual school's parent/teacher organization on the substance of each meeting either through summaries in their newsletters, oral reports to their parent/teacher organization meetings or both. The PIC/PAC representative report should be considered one of the most valuable given at their organization's meeting.  Decisions made at the district level affect all our children's lives. Some schools may designate more than one representative to PIC/PAC to assure uninterrupted monthly coverage. Minutes are kept of each meeting and are distributed to all representatives to facilitate their reports. Parentteacher organizations are encouraged to utilize PIC/PAC through their representatives to make inquiries or inform administration of parental concerns in their individual schools and the district.

  • History & Purpose


    The Parent Information Committee was created in 1971 to facilitate communications between the parents of the Middletown school district and its administration. Each of Middletown's 16 schools are strongly encouraged to send at least one representative to PIC's meetings which occur, typically, on the second Tuesday of each month in the Board of Education office, unless otherwise designated. The exchange of information and ideas between representatives from each school on an ongoing basis fosters a unification and understanding of this very diverse school community. Through this dynamic group, it is hoped that the school district can establish a collective identity enabling the parents to work together to support issues pertinent to their students' welfare.


    Administrative Role


    The presence of a high-ranking members of the administration is essential to obtain substantive information. The Superintendent, or his or her representative, attends each meeting to give a district update. They are often joined by other administrative personnel, such as the business administrator, assistant superintendent. Occasional guest speakers are invited to inform representatives of special programs or events in the schools.


  • 2022-23 Meetings 

    All PIC / PAC meetings begin at 9:15 a.m. in the Central Office Professional Development Room.

    Wednesday, Oct.12 - (PIC)

    PIC Meeting Video (10.12.22)  

    Wednesday, Nov. 2 - (PAC)

    PAC Meeting Video (11.2.22)

    Wednesday, Jan. 4 - (PIC)

    PIC Meeting Video (1.4.23)

    Wednesday, Feb. 8 - (PAC)

    Agenda.  Minutes   Video

    Wednesday, March 8 - (PIC) 

    Agenda   Minutes   Video

    Wednesday, April 12 - (PAC)

    Agenda  Minutes    Video

    Wednesday, May 3 - (PIC)

    Agenda   Minutes   Video

    Wednesday, June 7 - (PAC)

    Agenda   Minutes   Video