• Variety Show

    “Cause you burn with the brightest flame…And the world’s gonna know your name…And you’ll be on our stage in the HALL OF FAME!!”

        With great pride we announce our 2021 Variety Show: Harmony’s Hall of Fame! Knowing the challenges in executing a traditional Variety Show, our 2021 show will be presented a little differently this year…that means no live audience, BUT, this does not mean your children will not miss out on any of the fun! In fact, we are very excited to launch this show as a full production (just like in year’s past) that will be pre-recorded and streamed for all to enjoy simultaneously…and the show will ALWAYS be available to enjoy by tuning into Harmony’s YouTube Channel!  We had an amazing live show in 2020 and we hope this pivot will bring that familiar excitement that comes along with this much loved tradition!

        In order to ensure a successful production, it is important that we understand and accept all deadlines, and adhere to all safety guidelines. Please read through ALL the details below to fully understand the commitment for each act. Timing and order of acts will not be changed to accommodate schedules. The sequences of acts are determined by the Chair and Mr. Paulson to assure the show is safe, has a consistent flow, and seamless transitions. This order will remain consistent for rehearsal and the taping. The following guidelines will apply, and FULL cooperation is expected from all those who intend to participate. Have a great time preparing your acts for the show!


    • Children in Grades 1-5 are eligible to participate in the Variety Show.
    • No more than 5 students can perform in a group except for the 5th grade finale.
    • Each act must be represented by ONE (1) parent who will be available to attend the dress rehearsal and taping, who can act as the primary contact for the group, and to supervise the group during the rehearsal and taping day. 
    • Each student may participate in ONE act, except for 5th grade students. The 5th grade students may participate in their own act and the 5th Grade finale OR they can be an Announcer for the show and participate in their 5th grade finale. No exceptions.
    • Participants will be expected to wear masks for rehearsal and taping. It is suggested that the masks become part of the costume.

    Song / Costume Selection:

    • All songs and routines must be 2 minutes or less.  
    • Songs and costumes will be approved by the chair. Song lyrics should be appropriate and costumes cannot have inappropriate graphics/language.
    • Song titles are performed only once during the show. You must provide a 2nd selection in case you do not get your 1st choice. Once the song has been approved, you may not change the song selection.

        *Mash-ups may be submitted with clips of NO MORE THAN 3 SONGS. You will be notified by the chairs if all songs are approved, or if revisions need to be made.


    Due date for applications & song requests: 3/19/2021 

    Fill out the application form on the Harmony School Website. Duplicate song requests will be subject to grade seniority or given to acts who submitted their application first. Please help speed up the song review process by reviewing lyrics prior to submitting it.


    Please do not practice or purchase any items for your act until the song title has been confirmed and notification sent. Practices are to be held off school grounds to prepare for the rehearsal/show with the other participants in your group or solo performance. Attention to safety precautions is encouraged for your independent practices. You will be contacted by/before 3/24/2021 with the approval of your song choice. Please do not email or text prior regarding your requested song.


    Music Submissions

    All music must be cut by the parent and the final cut version must be emailed in “.mp4” format to  varietyshowharmony@gmail.com by Friday, March 19, 2021 (along with their application). If you are not able to cut the music you must find someone to help you. We cannot cut songs for you. Songs must be labeled appropriately: GRADE and SONG TITLE. (Ex. Gr3–Let it Snow)


    5th Grade Announcers:

    As always, we will offer the opportunity for 5th grade students who are not performing in the show to announce acts. If your child is in 5th grade and interested in participating, please note this in the appropriate section on the application. Fifth grade announcers are required to attend the dress rehearsal on May 4th and taping day on May 11th.


    Safety Guidelines: VERY IMPORTANT!:

    In order to have a Variety Show this year there are specific & non-negotiable precautions that must be followed. If you feel that you cannot follow these precautions, for any reason, then it is suggested you enjoy the show on our premiere date (May 21, 2021 @7:30PM).

    Safety Precautions:

    -No more than 5 (five) students can perform in a group...the only exception is the 5th grade finale

    -No more than 25 (twenty-five) people can be present in the APR at any time. Social distancing and masks are mandatory

    -Prior to all rehearsals and performances, students and the parent designee must fill out a health screening form

    -During all rehearsals masks must be worn at all times by everyone in the APR (all rehearsals will take place in the Harmony APR). 

    -Masks must be worn for the performance (we suggest making the mask part of your costume)

    -All rehearsals will be scheduled and each group will check in 15 minutes prior to their scheduled time at door #1

    -Adult designee will give the check-in person a health screening form(s) for each student and themselves. They will also provide their cell phone number in order to receive a text message 5 minutes prior to the group's scheduled time. The parent designee will receive a text message to bring the group to door #1 and escorted to the APR for the rehearsal/performance

    -After completing the rehearsal/performance the students and parent designee must leave the building immediately through door #13 in the APR



    This new production format will not be successful without a solid crew! Even with no live show, this format will require a number of extra hands to ensure safety guidelines are being adhered to. Mr. Paulson will hold a virtual meeting on April 29th at 7:00pm to review all safety precautions and how the event will run. This is a mandatory meeting for the adult designee for each group. We need backstage hands, check in/temp checks..to name a few! Please help us make this the best show it can be by helping us out!


    Thank you!


    Jenna Fearon - Variety Show Chair

    Melissa Loiacono - Co-Chair

    Mr. Paulson - Principal





    FRI. 3/19 Applications due and Cut Music sent via email

    WEDS. 3/24 Approvals sent

    TUE. 4/27 Taped “Previews” are due (videos sent to through WhatsApp)

    THUR. 4/29 Parent Designee Meeting w/Mr. Paulson 7:00pm

    TUES. 5/4 Dress Rehearsal/Yearbook Pictures Time TBA & Location Harmony School

    TUES. 5/11 VARIETY SHOW TAPING*: 6:30 PM Report times (to ensure proper distancing) will be provided Location: Harmony

    *All fifth grade announcers will be expected to stay for the entire taping

    FRI. 5/21 “HALL OF FAME” PREMIERE! 7:30 PM on Harmony’s YouTube Page