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    Students should visit their teacher's Google Classroom for class information. 

    Some teachers may also offer a hyperlink to a website.


    To reach a teacher by email, please click here.  (Updated 9/6/2018)



    Teachers by subject -- to be updated soon. 

    Language Arts Teachers


    Mrs. M. Barry
    Ms. J. Conde
    Mrs. L. Cordero

    Ms. M. Crowe


    Mrs. K. Devine


    Ms. D. Duffy


    Mrs. M. Foreback

    Mrs. E. Foulks

    Ms. J. Willms
    Mrs. M. Harrison
    Mrs. N. Nigro

     Mrs. A. Lanza


    Mrs. L. Lucchese


    Mrs. E. McGee

    Mrs. J. Werchinski

    Mr. K. Shull 

    Mrs. K. Talty




    Math Teachers


    Ms. K. Cancillieri


    Mrs. C. Cardano 


    Mr. K. Clayton


    Mrs. T. DeGennaro 


    Mr. Michael Dooley


    Mrs. A. Gulino


    Mrs. S. Kelesidis 

    Mrs. M. Lambrinos

    Mr. C. LeMore

    Mrs. M. Martino


    Mrs. C. Muratore

    Mr. M. Oxley

     Mrs. C.  Ryan
    Mrs. S. Sottosanti



    Science Teachers

    Ms. A. Ballone

     Ms. S. Beyer


    Mr. S. Blessing


    Ms. J. Caruso


    Mr. D. Friedman 


    Mr. K. Jacoves

    Mrs. J. Nelson


    Ms. L. Stickle 




    Social Studies Teachers 


    Mr. M. Carlo


    Mr. J.  Davis


     Mrs. M. Drury 


    Mrs. J. Eisman


    Mr. D. Friedman 


    Mr. M. Krol
    Mr. M. McManus


    Mrs. H. Schwerin 





    Special Education

     Ms. M. Ahern (Harrison)


    Ms. B. Bakeman


    Mrs. L. Cordero


    Mrs. D. Duffy


    Mr. W. Durr


    Mrs. T. Flynn


    Mrs. A. Lanza


    Mr. C. LeMore


    Mrs. M. MacConchie 

    Mr. M. McManus


    Mr. M. Rosner 


    Mrs. C. Ryan

    Mrs. S. Sottosanti


    Mrs. T. Talty





    World Language Teachers


     Madame D. Bialecki

    Senor J. Freeman*
    Senora J.Kurzawa


    Madame Horuzy-Maffucci

    Lagrotteria Petrillo
    Ms. K. Young




    Mrs. L. Montibello



    Mrs. K. Raguseo




    Mr. N. Jupinka


    Mrs. S. Liddy





    Drama and Video Production


    Mrs. A. Kaufman


    Librarian and 
    Sixth Grade Activity Arts

    Physical Education, Health and Computers


     Mr. T. Boff

    Ms. C Kling

    Mr. J. Kumfert

    Mr. P. Petretta

    Ms. K. Ridolfi

    Mr. R. Savard

    Ms. K.Vaccarella  






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