• Fine Art I, II, III, & IV
    Mrs. Skibinski

    Marking Period Grades


    Your marking period grade is comprised of the following items:


    1. Class work: Includes readings from the textbooks, historical and contemporary art research in Scholastic Art and other resources and completion of related vocabulary, questions, quizzes, worksheets etc.


    1. Marking Period Art Projects: Three to four projects will be assigned per marking period.  Your project grade is comprised of your participation in the project demonstration, your daily work on the project, the extent to which you meet project goals, and your ability to meet the project due date. If extra or make up time is needed projects can be worked on at home and after school.


    1. Sketchbook: Includes sketchbook challenges/journals, preliminary sketches for marking period art projects, and free choice sketches.


    1. Homework: You may be asked to bring in basic supplies from home, reference materials for marking period projects. If you need extra time to complete marking period projects or the sketchbook assignments it is expected you will complete work at home. You may sign supplies out and take them home.


    1. Citizenship: Includes your attendance (please be on time), adherence to school and art room rules, respect for yourself and others, care of art supplies, set up of supplies, cleanup of supplies, and your attitude. Be open to try new materials and to refine your existing skills, great art takes time and patience!


    Extra Credit: Opportunities for extra credit include participation in art contests, art shows outside of school, and art related service projects.


    Missed Work: It is your responsibility to make up missed work at home or after school from excused and unexcused absences, suspensions, field trips, etc. Worked turned in late may not be accepted and/or will have points deducted for being late.


    Art I & II - Mrs. Skibinski


    This year you will complete a large sketchbook assignment for class work in your Fine Arts course.

    • You are not limited to pencil; in fact you can use any medium that will work on sketchbook paper. If you decide to use a medium that will not work on sketchbook paper like watercolor or pen and ink, simply work on the appropriate paper. Cut the paper so it is the same size or smaller than your sketchbook paper and glue it into your sketchbook.
    • Your first assignment is to create a drawing about the end of summer or Fall. Your second assignment is to create an introduction page. These will count towards your five sketches for the first marking period. The introduction page should include your name, the year, and the period you take art. Please include a quote which captures how you feel about art making.
    • 105 Sketchbook Challenges 
      • The 105 sketchbook challenges  (click here.) are divided into three categories: Themes, Observational Drawing, and Design /Illustration Projects.
      • Please read over each category description  (click here.) and its related challenges.