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      Welcome to Applied Art & Design Art Classes! 
       The course description for Functional Design I-IV are listed below:
    Applied Art & Design I& II                Grades 9-12
    Applied Art & Design I and II give each student a foundation in a wide variety of traditional and contemporary crafts.  Students will develop their appreciation of and abilities in the design of original, carefully planned, and artistically pleasing functional crafts work.  The concepts of good original design, technical growth, and historical awareness of crafts will be stressed in such areas as hand-building pottery, three dimensional design, jewelry, drawing, print making, and ornamental design.  Field trips and guest speakers are planned to encourage students to become aware of careers in this field and to make crafts an important part of their lives.
    Applied Art & Design III& IV                     Grades 11-12
    Levels III and IV offer the student who has successfully completed the two foundation years of Functional Design, the opportunity to pursue specific areas of interest in depth.  The student will select units from a wide range of design and craft areas.  In addition to those listed in Functional Design I& II, a student may choose to work in a particular field of study.  All students will plan original work and will develop a greater awareness of the field through the study of its history, field trips, and the observation of contemporary work.