• Fall 2014 Cheerleading

    The time has once again arrived for football cheerleading to begin! We are extremely excited about the 2014 season! Please be sure to pick up the paperwork packet from the North main office in order to tryout. You will not be permitted to tryout if any forms are missing or are not filled out completely. If you are due for your yearly physical, physicals and "Part A" can be found on the District Athletics website. All forms are due by May 30th.  Please return this packet directly to the coaches or to the Cheerleading Mailbox at North.

    We will be holding tryouts in June this year for the Fall 2014 season. Practice for the tryouts will be held Tuesday and Wednesday, June 3rd and 4th from 4:00pm-6:00pm, where the girls will learn a cheer and a dance that they will perform. Actual tryouts will take place on Thursday, June 5th starting at 4:00pm.  A list of the cheerleaders who made either Varsity or Junior Varsity will be posted on the front door of North by Friday morning. All cheerleaders who make either squad will be expected to attend a welcome meeting on TuesdayJune 10th at 4:00pm.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: 


    We look forward to an enjoyable and successful season!

    Jennifer Cady - Varsity Coach - CadyJ@middletownk12.org

    Briana Amato - Asst. Varsity Coach                                             

    Amy Hover - JV Coach  - HoverA@middletownk12.org