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    ~Concert Choir~

    ~Vocal Workshop~

    ~Chamber Choir~


    About us: The performing arts are very important to the MHSN community! Over 150 students are involved in several curricular and extra-curricular choirs, with another 30 students involved in Introduction to Music: Theory and Composition and AP Music Theory. The music classes are open to all students interested in making music and exploring the performing arts!

    Important Dates and Activities:

    -After School Choir Rehearsals: 2 to 3 per semester (As Announced - Required)

     -Transition Full Choir Rehearsal: As Announced
    -Winter Concert (December 17th / Required)
    -Spring Concert (June 1st / Required)

    -Fall Cabaret (Voluntary)

    -Spring Cabaret (Voluntary)

     - Graduation (June, Date TBA)

    Important Links:

                Updated All Shore Chorus Information: https://www.sites.google.com/site/allshorechorus/home

                All State Choir Information:    http://njmea.org/perfgroups.cfm?subpage=81 

                Music Theory Skills:    www.musictheory.net

                Sheet music at J.W. Pepper:    www.jwpepper.com


    MHSN Music Stats:

    -1 out of 10 students at North is involved in the performing arts! (Music courses are open to all students!)

    -2 MHSN Students in All State Choir

    -9 MHSN Students in the All Shore Chorus

    -11 Graduates from the class of 2015 pursuing music/performing arts in college

    -MHSN musicians have above average SAT scores and frequently continue their music making in college!

    -MHSN musicians are involved in creative activities from music, to dance, drama, and fine arts!

    Choral Director: Mr. Peter Isherwood


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  • Please note:  Many useful music sites have been approved for use by students in the MHS North Music program; however, the  Middletown Township Public School District does not assume responsibility for links beyond our home site. Students are encouraged to use good discretion in studying and preparing from online resources.