Welcome to Junior Health and Physical Education 

    Health will be MP 1 for Juniors this school year 2013-2014.  The topics covered in health consist of wellness, nutrition, fitness/activity, diseases and first aid procedures.  The complete course syllabus can be located and accessed by clicking the attachment labeled Junior Health Syllabus.  We will have Physical Education classes MP 2-4.  Students should have PE clothes accessible throughout the Health MP1 so labs can be conducted on occasion while navigating through our Fitness Unit. 

    A Health Quarterly will be given at the end of MP1 and counts as 20% of the total health grade.
      The PE quarterlies will be given at the end of each MP (2-4) for Physical Education.  Health and Physical Education are not combined in one total average but you must pass each Junior Health (MP1) and Junior PE (MP 2-4) to graduate. 
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