Middletown Township Public Schools
    Office of Human Resources

    The Office of Human Resources supports the mission of the Middletown Township Public Schools District and works in partnership with other departments to be responsive to the needs of our students, our staff, and our community.


     Patrick Rinella - Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and Operations
    Charlene O'Hagan - District Director of Human Resources and Instruction
    Rosie Shopp - shoppr@middletownk12.org - ext. 1023

    Olivia Antonio - antonioo@middletownk12.org - ext. 1018
    Ellen DeMaio - demaioe@middletownk12.org - ext. 1027
    Susan Garofalo - garofalos@middletownk12.org - ext. 1022
    Teresa Orlando - orlandot@middletownk12.org - ext. 1043

    For any P.L.  2018, c.5, "Pass the Trash" Verifications, please email Ellen DeMaio (demaioe@middletownk12.org) or fax (732) 291-2363


    834 Leonardville Road, 2nd Floor
    Leonardo, NJ 07733
    (732) 671-3850
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  • Office of Human Resources

    834 Leonardville Road, 2nd Floor
    Leonardo, NJ 07737

    Map and Directions