•                                                  Mrs. Young's
    INTEGERATED ALGEBRA PART I & II                                  
                        (IN CLASS RESOURCE TEACHER)
                WELCOME !! 
       I hope everyone enjoyed their summer and is    
     ready for a great year at High School North.                                                                   

      Algebra students in this course will have math everyday for the full 80 minute block session.    Topics covered include Equations and Formulas, Simple and Multistep Inequalities , Functions,  Linear , Exponential and Quadratic Functions.   Completing homework and class work  is imperative to successfully master skills that have been taught in class.   Advisory Tutorial sessions are also scheduled during  Block 3.  This is always a preferred time to complete make up work, make up quizzes/tests, receive extra help on homework, etc. Appointments can be made before or after school as well.   Please e-mail me at any time when questions or concerns arise. 

         Looking forward to a great year ahead! 

          Email- youngch@middletownk12.org