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    ~Concert Choir~

    ~Vocal Workshop~

    ~Chamber Choir~


    About us: The performing arts are very important to the MHSN community! Over 150 students are involved in the three curricular and two extra-curricular choirs, with another 30 students involved in the Music Theory courses. The music classes are open to all students interested in make music and exploring the performing arts!

    Important Dates and Activities:

    -After School Choir Rehearsals: 2 per semester (Required)

    -Fall Cabaret (Voluntary)

    -Winter Concert, December 15th at 7pm 

    -Spring Cabaret (Voluntary)

      -Spring Choral Concert, May 25th at 7pm

    Important Links:

                Updated All Shore Chorus Information:  http://www.sites.google.com/site/allshorechorus/           

                All State Choir Information:    http://njmea.org/perfgroups.cfm?subpage=81

                Music Theory Skills:    www.musictheory.net

                Sheet music at J.W. Pepper:    http://www.jwpepper.com

    MHSN Music Stats:

    -2 Students in All State Choir

    -13 Students in the All Shore Chorus

     -13 Class of 2016 Graduates pursuing Music Majors in college

    -Musicians have a higher average SAT by 14%!

    -Music promotes creativity and success in all subjects!


    Choral Director: Mr. Peter Isherwood

    email:  Isherwoodp@middletownk12.org

    teacher home page:  (click here)


    Band Director: Mrs. Beth  Lyon (x1340)

    email:  Lyonb@middletownk12.org

    teacher home page:  (click here)

  • Please note:  Many useful music sites have been approved for use by students in the MHSN Music program; however, the  Middletown Township Public School District does not assume responsibility for links beyond our home site.