Welcome to Middletown High School South

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      Mission Statement
    The mission of Middletown High School South is to prepare and motivate students through rigorous and compassionate instruction to become productive lifelong learners in a competitive global society. The foundations for academic and individual success are built upon student achievement that embraces diversity, piques intellectual curiosity and promotes the highest standards of education and a responsible citizenry.

    We Believe:

    · A successful school provides the impetus that offers its students the opportunity to cultivate a respect for knowledge and the development of a strong moral  compass.

    · A strong educational community includes and embraces all stakeholders in its mission to celebrate student achievement and the diversity of its members.

    · Challenging students academically and offering a variety of experiences and exposures develops the whole person.

    · Providing a safe and balanced learning environment for students creates a haven for creativity and a willingness to accept contrasting points of view.

    · Implementation of technology into the educational process broadens student preparedness to compete and excel in the ever expanding world economy.