Principal's Page

  • Middletown High School South is a four-year comprehensive high school committed to creating a culture of excellence in which our students, faculty, and staff are challenged to continuously improve. High academic and social standards promote lifelong learning and the skills, knowledge, and dispositions critical to success in post secondary settings. We are dedicated to respond to the needs of our students who, as primary stakeholders, face the growing demand to think critically, to problem solve cooperatively, and to communicate effectively in a technologically rich, diverse, and competitive global workplace.

    Middletown High School South has an overall educational philosophy that promotes a wide range of educational experiences. Students attending High School South are exposed to a variety of student-centered interdisciplinary teaching and learning approaches that facilitate a more active and self-directed role. The administration and faculty design relevant and contemporary curriculum performance objectives in each discipline. Instructional and career planning takes into consideration a matrix of each student’s skills, interests, and talents. Course offerings from Advanced Placement to Basic Skills are designed to meet individual needs. Students are provided the opportunity to research and apply skills in a state-of-the-art library/media center and by accessing instructional technology labs. In addition, every department in the building has access to wireless computers, Smart Boards, LCD projectors, Smart Response Pads, and document cameras. A building-based Television Production Studio broadcasts student directed and produced programming over the local cable station, highlighting student achievements and school activities. A partnership with Brookdale Community College allows students to attend a dual enrollment program. Structured Learning Experience Programs (SLE) provides the opportunity for students to participate in partnerships with local merchants/corporations to gain valuable real world work experience. Additional shared time programs are available with the Monmouth County Vocational School District and the Arts High School. 

    Comprehensive counseling and services ensure that a student’s instructional and affective needs are addressed and that proper course sequencing occurs. Individual student interviews, grades, standardized test results, teacher recommendations, and parental feedback are among the data counselors use to determine course and program placement, and as the basis for college and career planning. Child Study Team services are available for students as well. 

    Middletown High School South's challenging academic program is enhanced by its equally encompassing co-curricular program. Athletics, visual and performing arts, publications (including an award-winning school newspaper), service organizations, and academic teams, such as the Science League and Math Team, provide additional outlets for learning. In addition to our National Honor Society Chapter, students have opportunities to qualify for membership in the French, German, Italian, Latin, and Spanish Honor Societies. 

    Middletown High School South families share as partners in their children's education and maintain a strong connection between family and school. The Parent Faculty Association at High School South is dedicated to the common goal of learning, growth, and academic achievement of our students. 

    The school offers an activities and sports calendar, posts special dates for parent/student information, and provides course requirements and expectations. Additionally, the Guidance Department posts scholarship opportunities, college conference dates, and summer enrichment opportunities.