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  • Students requiring early dismissal for legitimate reasons must bring a signed parental note on the day of dismissal to the appropriate assistant principal's office before school starts. A parent/guardian/designee listed on emergency contact list will be required to show proper identification before personally signing the student out of school. Absences resulting from early dismissal count as cumulative absences.
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    • When a student is absent from school, a parent/guardian must call on that day before 8:30 a.m. and clearly state the student's name and grade.To report an absence at HS South call: 732-706-6111 and then one of the following extensions:
    • Ext. 2119(All Freshman)
      Ext. 2163(Grades 10 - 12: A - Dem)
      Ext. 2126(Grades 10 - 12: Den - J)
      Ext. 2117(Grades 10 - 12: K - Ma)
      Ext. 2163(Grades 10 - 12: Mc - R)
      Ext. 2126(Grades 10 - 12: S - Z)
      Students who miss one to five consecutive days must make up missed class work within five school days. Students who miss more than five consecutive days are allowed one day to make up missed work for each day they were absent. For example, a student who returns to school after missing seven consecutive school days will be allowed the next seven consecutive school days to make up missed assignments/tests.
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