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    WELCOME to the 2018 - 2019 School Year

    The Walking Club

    Club is open to all students and promotes lifetime fitness and well-being. They meet every Thursday from 2:45 - 3:45 from mid­ October through June.

    Advisor: Mr. Gibbons (gibbonsbr@middletownk12.org)




    The Math Club

    Math Club is open to all students. They meet every other Monday in room 237. Hands-on activities are the focus of the club. Mrs. Teel brings ideas of activities and also looks for student input for new ideas. In the past, they have worked on origami, the Magic Cub, Sierpinski’s pyramid, computer programming, computer games and Zome Tools to name a few. They also have a few parties and celebrate PI Day. Attendance is not mandatory.

    Advisor: Mrs. Teel (teele@middletownk12.org)




    Yearbook is open to 7th and 8th graders. Students will help in the design and production of the yearbook.

    Advisor: Mrs. Fitzpatrick (fitzpatrickj@middletownk12.org)




    Newspaper / The Lions Roar is open to all students. They will choose what to include in each quarterly issue. Journalists, fiction writers, poets, and artists are welcome. Samples of past issues can be found on the Thorne Homepage. This club meets after school in room 227 on Thursdays.

    Advisor: Mrs. Griffiths (griffithsa@middletownk12.org)



    Peer Mediation

    Peer Mediation is open to all students. They will create ideas to encourage students to have an open mind with their peers.

    Advisor: Ms.Liubicich


    Student Council 

    Student Council consists of our student government who make decisions to improve the quality of our school.

    Advisor: Mr. McCann (mccannc@middletownk12.org)



    Student Activities

    Student Activities is open to all students. This club plans various parties and events throughout the school year.


    STEM Club

    Stem Club is open to all students and helps to get students engaged in problem-solving and it gives them the chance to use new technologies first hand. They meet twice per month on Wednesdays from 2:45 - 3:30.

    Advisor: Mrs. Parry (parryk@middletownk12.org)

    Tech Tudor Club

    Tech Tudor Club is open to all students. This club will train students to be tech advisors to the staff. They will help with tech challenges and keep them updated with the latest fun apps for education.

    Advisor: Mrs. Fitzpatrick (fitzpatrickj@middletownk12.org)


     Substance Abuse Awareness

    Substance Abuse Awareness

    (Peer Leader) is exclusively for 8th graders who want to explore their own leadership skills and help influence peers to make good choices through  outreaches and activities. We'll meet twice a month and will be required to take a drug free pledge.

    Advisor: Mrs. Wessels (wesselsk@middletownk12.org)



    Chorus - Vocal Ensemble

    Chorus - Vocal Ensemble is for 8th graders who have participated in at least one year of Chorus. They will function as an advanced choral group and will perform throughout the community and in both the winter and spring concerts. Students will need to audition for Vocal Ensemble.

    Advisor: Ms. Morizzo (morizzoc@middletownk12.org)



    Drama Club

    Drama Club is open to all students who wish to perform or be stage crew. Club meetings will be after school in room 305.

    Advisor: Mrs. Mess (messj@middletownk12.org)