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    WELCOME to the 2016 - 2017 School Year

    The Walking Club:
    The Walking Club is available to all 6th 7th and 8th grade students who would like to get a little exercise and learn ways to stay physically active all year long. We meet one day a week for one hour and walk along the fields of Thorne, if the weather is inclement we walk through the halls of Thorne. Everyone is welcome to join at any time during the year, they should see Mrs. Korz for a permission slip in order to participate. 
    Moderator: Mr. Gibbons


    The Math Club:
    The math club will start meeting on Thursday, September 26. All students are welcome. If they are involved in a sport they can come when the sport has ended its season. We will be playing games, participating in contests, and are planning a Pizza Pi day as an afternoon activity. We hope to have math games, puzzles, videos, a contest to see which student can name the most digits of the number pi and of course pizza. Students should listen to announcements and look for flyers for meetings. The meetings will be on Thursdays every other week.
    Moderator: Mrs. Teel

    We meet 1 to 2 times per month. Yearbook is open to all students in grades 6-8. Students who participate in the Yearbook Club will have direct involvement in the creation of the Thorne yearbook, The Pride. Members will assist in taking photos of the activities around the building in addition to organizing and planning layouts using an online computer assisted software provided by Jostens. 
    Moderator: Ms. Gautieri


    The Lion’s Roar is the newspaper for Thorne Middle School.  The club publishes four editions on the school website a year:  fall, winter, spring and summer.   The club meets once a month on a Monday or Tuesday.  If you have conflicts with other clubs or sports, you can miss that part of the year and come back when your schedule frees up.  You do not have to be a star writer to be part of the newspaper.

    Advisor:   Mrs. Griffiths                    


    Peer Mediation:

    The Peer mediation Club helps students in the school who are having interpersonal conflicts resolve them.  Members of this club must go through a training process on how to mediate a conflict between two peers and how to draw up a contract of understanding (the advisor is always present during the mediations).  This club also helps local charities through raising money, assembling bagged lunches etc. a few times a year.   Meetings are once a month on a Monday or Tuesday.

    Advisor: Dr.Young and Mr. McCabe
     Student Council: Mr. McCann
    Student Activities: Mrs. Knouse
    Peer Leaders: Mr. Torchia
    STEM Club: Mrs. Parry
    Tech Tudor Club: Ms. Connelly 
    A new club organized this year that will train students to be tech advisors to the staff.  
    Helping with tech challenges and keeping them updated with the latest fun apps for education are a few of the responsibilities for willing club members.
    TED ED Club: Ms.  Morales 
    New technology club for all tech lovers with a passion to express.