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You can make direct contact with a central office administrator by following the link to their district email address.

To reach the central office operator, please dial 732-671-3850.

A complete list of the District and Building Administration for the 2023-2024 Academic Year is now available. For additional information regarding effective communication with school officials, please review the District Chain of Communication.

  Administration Role Contact
Jessica Alfone
Jessica Alfone


Superintendent of Schools
Amy Doherty
Amy P. Doherty Business Administrator/Board Secretary
Superintendent of Schools Jessica L. Alfone
Jessica Alfone Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction and Special Education
Matthew Kirkpatrick
Matthew Kirkpatrick Assistant Superintendent for Student Support Services
Patrick Rinella
Patrick Rinella Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and Operations

District Directors

District Director John Kerrigan
John Kerrigan, Ed.D. District Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Devyn Orozco
Devyn Orozco District Director of Human Resources
Michele Tiedemann
Michele Tiedemann, Ed. D. District Director of Special Education


Richard Carroll Director of Athletics
Lisa Weinstock Supervisor of Special Education
Tara Garzone
Tara Garzone Supervisor of Special Education
Rose Scullion Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction
Lucinda Van Glahn
Lucinda Van Glahn Supervisor of Secondary Curriculum and Instruction
Supervisor Daniel Imbimbo
Daniel Imbimbo Supervisor of Elementary Curriculum and Instruction
Supervisor Daniel Kushner
Daniel Kushner Supervisor of Secondary Curriculum and Instruction
Angela Mero
Angela Sofia-Mero Supervisor of Elementary Curriculum and Instruction
James Rasmussen
James Rasmussen Supervisor of Student Support Services
Danielle Schroeck
Danielle Schroeck Supervisor of Special Education
Cynthia Wilson
Cynthia Wilson Supervisor of Elementary Curriculum and Instruction
Margaret Young
Dr. Margaret Young Supervisor of School Counseling and Mental Health Services
Adam Nasr
Adam Nasr Director of Facilities
Manager Susan Calabro
Susan Calabro Student Information Systems and Enrollment Manager
John Maguire
John Maguire Director of Safety and Security
David Siwiak
David Siwiak Network Administrator/Manager of Information Services
Daniel Valente
Daniel Valente Assistant Business Administrator/Assistant Board Secretary