• Art I & II - Mrs. Skibinski

    105 Sketchbook Challenges

    This year you will complete a large sketchbook assignment for class work in your Fine Arts course.


    You are not limited to pencil; in fact you can use any medium that will work on sketchbook paper. If you decide to use a medium that will not work on sketchbook paper like watercolor or pen and ink, simply work on the appropriate paper. Cut the paper so it is the same size or smaller than your sketchbook paper and glue it into your sketchbook.


    Your first assignment is to create a drawing about the end of summer or Fall. Your second assignment is to create an introduction page. These will count towards your five sketches for the first marking period. The introduction page should include your name, the year, and the period you take art. Please include a quote which captures how you feel about art making.


    The 105 sketchbook challenges are divided into three categories: Themes, Observational Drawing, and Design /Illustration Projects. Please read over each category description and its related challenges.

    1.  All I want to do when I get home….
    2. My wedding
    3. My dream room
    4. The secret
    5. A true hero
    6. Picking up the pieces
    7. Favorite food, or foods
    8. Waiting for the bus
    9. On the train today
    10. Lost in space
    11. Is anyone listening to me?
    12. Working out
    13. After the rain
    14. Here we go again.
    15. You will never believe what happened today!
    16. Are you going to the __________?
    17. Pet
    18. Fashion
    19. Nightfall will be coming soon
    20. Trapped in an elevator
    21. I want that car!
    22. Opening Pandora’s box
    23. I was so excited about…
    24. I am so disappointed
    25. Dream vacation
    26. The city
    27. Don’t look at me!
    28. Happy Birthday!
    29. Concert
    30. Theater
    31. Money
    32. Running out of time
    33. Laughter
    34. Joy
    35. Obsession
    36. Teamwork
    37. Fear
    38. Up all night
    39. Exhaustion
    40. Love
    41. Childhood
    42. A fairy tale
    43. A character
    44. The path ahead
    45. Let it go
    46. Nature
    47. Seasons
    48. Holiday
    49. Family
    50. At the beach
    51. Mythical
    52. Supplies
    53. Flowers
    54. Trees
    55. Paradise
    56. Map
    57. War
    58. Peace
    59. Loneliness
    60. A creature
    61. Strength
    62. Original
    63. Hanging out
    64. Studying
    65. Its worth the effort
    66. Lost in a maze
    67. Your choice

    Observational Drawing: Observational drawing is drawing from life not from a picture or your imagination. Please write the number and name of the theme in the lower right corner AND the date you are handing it in.

    68. Observational Drawing: Shoes
    69. Observational drawing: Soap
    70. Observational Drawing: A corner of your room
    71. Observational Drawing: Your lunch
    72. Observational drawing: Jeans
    73. Observational drawing: A bicycle
    74. Observational drawing: A stack of books
    75. Observational drawing: A still life of three or more of your favorite things
    76. Observational drawing: A still life of three or more objects from the kitchen
    77. Observational Drawing: Keys
    78. Observational Drawing: A person
    79. Observational Drawing: A pet
    80. Observational Drawing: Outside your window
    81. Observational Drawing: Portrait
    82. Observational Drawing: Your Choice

    Design /Illustration Projects: You are given a specific project your goal is to complete this task in a way that that highly original. Please write the number and name of the theme in the lower right corner AND the date you are handing it in.

    83. Illustrate your favorite song or a lyric to your favorite song
    84. Illustrate a quote
    85. Pay tribute to a person
    86. Create a cartoon character
    87. Create a comic strip
    88. Redesign a logo
    89. Create a monogram
    90. Design a new dollar bill
    91. Design a new chain restaurant
    92. Redesign your bedroom
    93. Redesign the exterior of this school.
    94. Create a design for a mural in this school
    95. Create a design for the school year book.
    96. Design a new game for play station
    97. Design a new ipod/mp3 player
    98. Redesign a car
    99. Design a boat
    100. Design a roller coaster
    101. Design a store
    102. Design a clothing line 
    103. Design a book cover
    104. Design CD cover
    105. Design/redesign something of your choice