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    Today is a B day.


    To view this week's athletics schedule click here.  The Middletown Athletic Department is currently using “rSchoolToday” for all Athletic Schedules.  When you log on to ShoreConference NJ, and click on the link for Middletown H.S. North you will be able to receive all schedules, changes, etc. for all athletic events.


    Check out the MHS North school newspaper for all your MHSN News updates! https://thelionsroarmhsn.com



      • Students who have borrowed I.T. Equipment (Chromebooks/ or Chargers) please return them by Friday the 18th. All those not returned will be submitted for fines.
      • Just a friendly reminder from the library.  Please return any library books that are overdue or that you are not using.  If you have any questions or problems - please see Mrs. Lippincott in the library.

      • Just a reminder... Any students that are medically excused from gym must check in and sign in in the library during your gym block. If you have any questions please see the Health Office or Mrs. Lippincott in the library.
      • ACADEMIC TEAM is reminded to return signed permission slips for the January 25 MAST competition to Mrs. D'Alessandro in Room 1214. 


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        • FRIDAY, January 18th:  ...
          • Monmouth County Vocational School District will be presenting to our Sophomores today at 9:30.
          • Acapella meets today during block 3.
          • The “Mindful Psychology and Wellness” club will hold a meeting today, January 18th, during block 4, in room 1416. Ask Mrs. Kostas if you have any questions. All students are welcome to attend. 
      • Saturday, January 19th 
        • The Lions Wrestling Team returns to action Saturday, January 19th at Raritan High School, where they will face Monroe, Perth Amboy, and Raritan.  The Feature match against Raritan will being at 1pm.  Be there and be loud! 


    Quarterly Assessment Schedule

    Tuesday, January 22:

    • 1A: 7:25 - 9:25 (120 mins)*
    • 2A: 9:30 - 10:10 (40 mins)
    • 3A: 10:15 - 10:41 (26 mins)
    • 4A: 10:46-11:12 (26 mins)
    • 5A:  11:17 - 1:17 (120 mins)*
    • 6A: 1:22 - 2:02 (40 mins)

    Wednesday, January 23:

    • 1B:  7:25 - 9:25  (120 mins)*
    • 2B:  9:30 - 10:10 (40 mins)
    • 3B: 10:15 - 10:41 (26 mins)
    • 4B: 10:46-11:12 (26 mins)
    • 5B:  11:17 - 1:17 (120 mins)*
    • 6B:  1:22 - 2:02 (40 mins)

    Thursday, January 24:

    • 1A:  7:25 - 8:05 (40 mins)
    • 2A:  8:10 - 10:10 (120 mins)*
    • 3A: 10:15 - 10:41 (26 mins)
    • 4A:  10;46 - 11:12 (26 mins)
    • 5A:  11:17 - 11:57 (40 mins)
    • 6A:  12:02 - 2:02 (120 mins)*

    Friday, January 25:

    • 1B:  7:25 - 8:05 (40 mins)
    • 2B:  8:10 - 10:10 (120 mins)*
    • 3B: 10:15 - 10:41 (26 mins)
    • 4B: 10:46 - 11:12 (26 mins)
    • 5B: 11:17 - 11:57 (40 mins)
    • 6B:  12:02 - 2:02 (120 mins)*


    Friday, January 25th 

        • The final interest meeting for Senior Internship Club will take place next Friday during block 3 in room 1201.  



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    • The North Bowling Team won 3 more games Thursday, 1/17. The team was led by Tony Trigg with a high score of 212 and Mike Vales with a score of 201. The lions improve their record to 33-6.

    • The Wrestling Team defeated Colts Neck Thursday, 1/17, through a complete team effort.  The Lions are now one win away from their 3rd division title in 4 years.  The Lions Return to action this Saturday at Raritan High School where they will face Monroe, Perth Amboy, and Raritan.  The Feature match against Raritan will being at 1pm.  Be there and be loud!


      Congratulations to Dylan Roettinger who just won Best Actor for the short film "Confession" at the 2018 Top Indie Film Awards for December. It was also nominated for Best Student Film.  The short film "The Hunt" was also nominated for Best Student Film and Best Humor.


      Congratulations to Yazemin Yilmaz, winner, and Sara Deuidicibus, runner-up, of this year’s MHSN Poetry Out Loud contest. Thank you to all the participants.

    • The North Bowling team won 3 games Monday, Jan. 14th, against Long Branch. The team was led by Anthony Vales with a scores of 213 and 206 and Tony Trigg with a 206. The team improved their record to 27-6

    • Congratulations to the indoor track team on their performances Friday night at the Monmouth County Championships. The night was highlighted by Katelyn Reid placing 2nd in the 55 hurdles and 4th in the high jump. Hailey Guerrieri placed 3rd in the high jump and Jesus Rodriguez placed 3rd in the pole vault. Olivia Kelty placed 6th in the 55 hurdles. Both 4 x 400 meter relay teams also earned medals. Great job everyone.

    • The wrestling team defeated Rumson Fair Haven Friday Night, Timber Creek Saturday morning and fell just short to Southern Regional Saturday Afternoon.  The Lions Return to Action this Wednesday Night at Home in the Lower Gym against Neptune at 5:30pm  Thursday Night the Lions travel to Colts Neck for a chance at their 3rd divisional title in 4 Years.  We Need you there and we need you loud.


    • On Thursday, January 10th, the High School North Science Team kicked off their 2019 season in high fashion.

    • Some highlights include  

    • The Biology 1 Team earned a 3rd place finish.
      • The Biology 2 Team coming in 2nd place and Michael Merritt earning the top overall individual score.

      • The Chemistry 1 team earned a 3rd place finish.  Ethan Kasaba earned a 92 on his test, which was good enough to earn 3rd place overall.

      • The Chemistry 2 team earned a 3rd place finish.  Sara Deudicibus finished in 3rd place in individual scores.

      • The HS Physics team, led by Ryan Fallon came in 1st place, with Ryan earning the top individual score.

      • The Physics 1 team came in 3rd place.

      • The AP Physics C team came in 1st place with Cade Reigler earning a 3rd place individual score.

      • Great job to kick off the season.  The team looks to continue their success in February


    • Alex Lehotsky had her 2 films, The Hunt and Double C, accepted into the Garden State Film Festival. 
    • Raelynn Santoro had her experimental film, Wondering, and Yazemin Yilmaz had her film, Beyond Dreamers, accepted into the festival in Asbury Park at the end of March.

    Renaissance Students of the Marking Period

    Congratulations to the Renaissance Students of the Marking Period! The winners for each subject area are:

    • English
      • Nicholas Bashore
      • Alicia Flanagan
    • Social Studies
      • Fatima Otarola
      • Dakota Zadroga
    • Math
      • Devin Calabro
      • Ava Staub
    • Science
      • Zach Brady
      • Ethan Kasaba
    • World Language
      • Madison Gibbons
      • Luke Ferrell
    • Fine/Performing Arts
      • Joe LaRusso
      • Gina DiMartino
    • Citizenship/Overall
      • Raven VanBogelen
      • JR Rosario
    • And our Staff Member of the Marking Period is:
      • Coach Trish Misciagna
    • Congratulations to all the winners!

     Congratulations to Yazemin Yilmaz for her award winning short film, “Beyond Dreams.

    Access  imdb.com https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9419508/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 
    • The Red Ribbon Campaign is a nonprofit organization establishing leadership roles in drug prevention. This week is Red Ribbon Week Middletown High School North celebrates making healthy, drug-free lifestyle choices. In enforcing Red Ribbon Week, every morning this week a new statistic will be shared with our school.
    • Here’s a quick fact: Use of Marijuana in a lifetime at the 8th-grade level starts at 13.5%, and sparking to 52.7% at the beginning of adulthood. Many in this age range may not know that regular use of marijuana in youth can lead to long-term Mental health problems, chronic cough, frequent respiratory infections.
    • When people use e-cigarettes do they really know what’s in them? When asked this question, 66.0 percent say just flavoring, 13.7 percent don’t know, 13.2 percent say nicotine, 5.8 percent say marijuana, and 1.3 percent say other. Many people believe to know what may be in e-cigarettes. However, manufacturers don’t have to report e-cig ingredients, so users don’t know what’s actually in them.
    • In 2016,  over 4 million people reported that they were addicted to Marijuana. Marijuana is extremely addicting. Marijuana over-usage can harm a teen brain that is still trying to develop.
    • Did you know that a single Juul Pod has as much nicotine as a pack of 20  cigarettes?
    • In 2016, around 4 million people ages 12 and older had a marijuana use disorder. There is an increasing number of adolescents that have a serious problem in marijuana dependence.


      • Two water bottle filling stations have been installed by the cafeteria and the gym.  Each time you refill a reusable water bottle at one of stations you prevent a plastic bottle from being added to a landfill. If you notice the stations record how many refillable bottles have been refilled to-date.



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