Today is


    Today is a B day.

    11:40 a.m. scheduled early dismissal for students


    3:00 pm Graduation Ceremony


     The Middletown Athletic Department is currently using “rSchoolToday” for all Athletic Schedules.  When you log on to ShoreConference NJ, and click on the link for Middletown H.S. North you will be able to receive all schedules, changes, etc. for all athletic events. 


    Check out the MHS North school newspaper for all your MHSN News updates! https://thelionsroarmhsn.com


      • Just a friendly reminder from the library - please return any library books you have checked out to the library A.S.A.P.  There are no late fees for overdue books, but any books not returned to the library by that date will be placed on the fine list. If you have any questions - see Mrs. Lippincott in the library.
      • ALL STUDENTS must reconcile their fines with Whitson’s and the Library Media Center this week.
      • Any uniforms or athletic equipment should be returned to their respective coaches.
      • Textbooks should be returned to the teachers after the quarterlies in their respective classes.
      •  Any borrowed technology (Chromebooks, chargers, etc.) not returned to Mr. Guthrie  by Monday, June 10th will be placed on the fine list.
      • All seniors must return their borrowed chargers and/or Chromebooks to Mr. Guthrie before receiving their graduation tickets 
    • Please check the lost and found, unclaimed items will be donated June 18th.
    • Yearbooks are on sale!  There are now a limited number of yearbooks available for purchase! Please bring $105 in CASH to Ms. Heeter in room 1201 before they’re all gone!  Be sure to get them soon, the deadline for purchases is May 31st! Hurry before they are all gone. 
    • Renaissance Award Winners for the 3rd Marking Period (click here)


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    • Smiling Lion
    • Tuesday, June 18
    • 11:40 a.m. scheduled early dismissal for students
    • Last Day of School / Graduation
      • Quarterly Exam make-up day
      • 9th, 10th, 11th graders follow the normal Early Dismissal Schedule
        • BLOCK 1 - 7:25 - 8:25 - (60 Min.)
        • BLOCK 2 - 8:30 - 9:30 - (60 Min.)
        • BLOCK 5 - 9:35 - 10:35 - (60 Min.)
        • BLOCK 6 - 10:40 - 11:40 - (60 Min.)
      • 12th grade students will  report to MHSN at 1:00 PM to ride the buses to Monmouth University for graduation.



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    • Congratulations and thank you to the MHSN Band and Choir students for a very successful performance trip to Philadelphia, Hershey Park, and Baltimore!

    • Congratulations to the track program on their success at the Group 3 state championships this past weekend. The meet was highlighted by Casey Bogues winning the javelin title with a new school record throw of 134 feet. She is only the second girl in school history to win an individual state group title.  Genesis Everett placed 5th in the long jump and Katelyn Reid placed 6th in the high jump. All three girls are moving on to the Meet of Champions this weekend. Great job girls!

    • Congratulations to Julia Buonacquista who was accepted into the 2019-2020 NJ All State Honors Choir from among 1000 auditions.
    • Sara Deuicidibus won the Monmouth County SPCA Essay Contest “Why My Dog is a Superhero?” for the high school age category.



    Renaissance Students of the Third Marking Period

    • Congratulations to the Renaissance Students of the Third Marking Period!
      • The winners for each subject area are:
        • Math
          • Colin Dowlen
          • Kevin Lisser
          • English
          • Kaitlin Dowd
          • Tyler Guenther
        • Science
          • Vincent Eremus
          • Tiffany Brickle
          • World Language
          • Ralph Abeal
          • Dylan Oriundo
        • Social Studies
          • Adam Hill
          • Kailin DeFelice
        • Physical Education/Health
          • Jillian Haase
          • Melissa Golembieski
        • Electives
          • Mike Vales
          • Sean Gardiner
        • Performing/Fine Arts
          • Nicole Wolfe
          • Jasper Nelson
          • Jordan Stolpe
          • Nick Giunta
        • Extracurricular
          • Britney Laughlin  
    • We would also like to congratulate our Staff Member of the Marking Period, Mr. Chris Cullen.
      • All winners will be honored at a pizza luncheon when we return from spring break!



    SECOND marking period Renaissance Award winners

    • English
      • Aiden Warshawer
      • Jada McKnight
    • Social Studies
      • Amanda Dice
      • Owen Davidson
    • Math
      • Daniel Rozzo
      • Thomas McWalters
    • Science
      • Kassidy Ford
      • Rian McCusker
    • World Language
      • Keilah Granito
      • James Conway
    • Fine/Performing Arts
      • Kaitlyn Raccioppi
      • Kristen Daly
    • Business
      • Spencer Deudicibus
    • Physical Education
      • Genesis Everett
      • Thomas Giannone
    • Citizenship/Overall
      • Cara McNulty
      • Chris Fitzpatrick
      • John Spiro
    • Our Staff Member of the 2nd marking Period was Mr. Chris Hoffmann.

    • Renaissance Students of the First Marking Period! The winners for each subject area are:
    • English
      • Nicholas Bashore
      • Alicia Flanagan
    • Social Studies
      • Fatima Otarola
      • Dakota Zadroga
    • Math
      • Devin Calabro
      • Ava Staub
    • Science
      • Zach Brady
      • Ethan Kasaba
    • World Language
      • Madison Gibbons
      • Luke Ferrell
    • Fine/Performing Arts
      • Joe LaRusso
      • Gina DiMartino
    • Citizenship/Overall
      • Raven VanBogelen
      • JR Rosario
    • And our Staff Member of the Marking Period is:
      • Coach Trish Misciagna
    • Congratulations to all the winners!

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    • Congratulations to Alex Lehotsky for winning the Rising Star award and Sandi LiVolsi for winning Best Student Film at the Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival this weekend.

      Congratulations to Paul Reinhold for auditioning for and being accepted to the New Jersey All State Jazz ensemble.

      Bravo to the MHSN instrumentalists who performed in the All Shore Concert Band with Region 2 Jazz Band at Rahway High School! Thank you for sharing your musical talents with our community!  
    • Frank DiBari was honored with multiple solos in the All Shore Jazz Band in February; Paul Reinhold auditioned and was accepted into Region 2 Jazz Band and is working towards a culminating concert; Andrew Lewandowski and Kaylie Santoro auditioned for and were accepted into All Shore Symphonic Band for the second year in a row and are working towards a culminating concert. These students continue to represent Middletown High School North in honors level ensembles across the state.
    • Dalia Habiby earned a $1000 scholarship for her linguistic talents in French from the Foreign Language Educators of New Jersey (FLENJ). She was highly rated for her essay and oral interview. 

    • Congratulations to FCCLA award winners
      • Gold Medal for Melissa Dudek, grade 10 in the Cake Decorating Competition 
      • Gold medal for Britney Laughlin, grade 12 in the Fashion Runway Careerwear Competition
      • Bronze medal for Emily Mackrell, grade 10 in the Fashion Runway Sportswear Competition
      • Gold Medal For Brianna Betz, grade 10 in the Successories Competition
      • Gold Medal For Micaela Foley (grade 11), Maura Foley (grade 10), and Brieanna Rocha (grade 10) in the Windows of Fashion Competition 
    • Congratulations to Sandie LiVolsi, who was recognized by the Region-at-Large program of the 2019 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, presented by Alliance for Young Arts & Writers.  She earned one Honorable Mention award in the drawing & illustration category for her work "Deep in the Woods," and four Honorable Mention awards in the photography category for her works "Hidden," "Sun Blocker," "Tiny Dancer," and "Wanderers."

    • Congratulations to Jonathan Rasnitsyn, top scorer for The Shore Math League.

    • FBLA would like to congratulate Jonathon Rasnitsyn for placing 2nd in the New Jersey State FBLA Competition for Securities and Investment section.  We are proud of you! Way to go Jonathon!!!!

    • On March 24th, at the Soma Film Festival, the following students were recognized for their work...

      • Sandie LiVolsi's film The Journey won the Grand Jury Best Narrative award

      • Yazemin Yilmaz got Runner Up for her Documentary

      • Alex Lehotsky won the Storyteller Award

    • Congratulations to North winners at the Brightside Film Festival

      • Alex Lehotsky for the Rising Star award, Yazemin Yilmaz for the Best Dance/Music Video, Liam Finn for Best Special Effects for The Box, Sandie LiVolsi for Best Cinematography for "The Journey" and Best Film Runner Up, Joanna Downing and Ashley Kailas for Runner up Best Concept for "The Letter", Sarah Cohen (Arts Academy) won for Best Actress in a Student Film, And Rachael Domin and Cheney Wolfrum got Runner Up for Best Music/ Dance Film.
      • There will be a special screening of all of our North students’ films in April at the Middletown Arts Center. Stay tuned! Bravo! Encore!!
    • Congratulations to Yazemin Yilmaz for her award winning short film, “Beyond Dreams.
    • Access  imdb.com https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9419508/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 
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      • The Red Ribbon Campaign is a nonprofit organization establishing leadership roles in drug prevention. This week is Red Ribbon Week Middletown High School North celebrates making healthy, drug-free lifestyle choices. In enforcing Red Ribbon Week, every morning this week a new statistic will be shared with our school.
      • Here’s a quick fact: Use of Marijuana in a lifetime at the 8th-grade level starts at 13.5%, and sparking to 52.7% at the beginning of adulthood. Many in this age range may not know that regular use of marijuana in youth can lead to long-term Mental health problems, chronic cough, frequent respiratory infections.
      • When people use e-cigarettes do they really know what’s in them? When asked this question, 66.0 percent say just flavoring, 13.7 percent don’t know, 13.2 percent say nicotine, 5.8 percent say marijuana, and 1.3 percent say other. Many people believe to know what may be in e-cigarettes. However, manufacturers don’t have to report e-cig ingredients, so users don’t know what’s actually in them.
      • In 2016,  over 4 million people reported that they were addicted to Marijuana. Marijuana is extremely addicting. Marijuana over-usage can harm a teen brain that is still trying to develop.
      • Did you know that a single Juul Pod has as much nicotine as a pack of 20  cigarettes?
      • In 2016, around 4 million people ages 12 and older had a marijuana use disorder. There is an increasing number of adolescents that have a serious problem in marijuana dependence.
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        • Two water bottle filling stations have been installed by the cafeteria and the gym.  Each time you refill a reusable water bottle at one of stations you prevent a plastic bottle from being added to a landfill. If you notice the stations record how many refillable bottles have been refilled to-date.

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