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SPARK Tank Celebrates Passion Projects at River Plaza

Students showcase projects at River Plaza SPARK Tanks education fair. On Jan. 28, River Plaza Elementary School celebrated student passion projects with an education fair known as SPARK Tank.

The student showcase serves as an opportunity for fifth graders to display their SPARK initiatives.

The MTPS SPARK program is one that encourages students to research a topic of interest to them, document their learning journey, and design a product or plan of action to share with, and better, their surrounding community.

"It allows kids to be excited about what they learn, but most importantly, it gives the kids a chance to understand that, even though they are only 10 or 11 years old, they can be the change," said River Plaze Elementary Educator, Amanda Agresti.

SPARK is an acronym that stands for Student Pathways to Autonomy, Relevance, and Knowledge, and is an extension of the District's focus on expanding Global Citizenship Education. Learn more about MTPS SPARK by following the link.

Global Citizenship Education is about global competence, or a community's comprehension of skills, values, and behaviors that will prepare young people to thrive in a more diverse and interconnected world. Learn more about Global Citizenship Education by following the link.

For more on SPARK Tank please video recap below.