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District Schools Recognize New Jersey Week of Respect

This is a sign that reads "respect" in reference to New Jersey's Week of Respect. Middletown Township Public Schools is standign with students and faculty members across the state in recognition of New Jersey's Week of Respect, a collective effort to stand up against bullying and intolerance in our communities.

The New Jersey Department of Education designates the third Monday in October as the beginning of the week-long event, which promotes grade level-appropriate lessons to be delivered in our classrooms, as well as theme days that aim to make our community a better place for everyone.

For more information on the Week of Respect, please view this informational document from the state Department of Education.

October 7-12th our schools will be having "theme" days. 

  • Monday: Let’s #BlueUp Bullying “World Bullying Prevention Day” Wear BLUE

  • Tuesday: PJ Day: Put Disrespect to Rest

  • Thursday: Jerz Day: Team Up Against Bullying (Wear your favorite team Jersey/apparel)

  • Friday: School pride day (Wear your school colors)