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Harmony School Stands Up to Cancer at Luca Strong Day

Harmony School celebrates Luca Strong Day. Harmony Elementary School students and staff rallied for Luca Iacono on Oct. 25, 2019 at the third annual Luca Strong Day, an event in which students are invited to wear pink and blue clothing in support their fifth grade classmate and friend who continues to battle against cancer.

Led by Principal Erik Paulson, students were aligned to spell out the word “HERO,” a message to Iacono about the inspiration he is to so many Middletown Township Public School community members.

Iacono, his parents, grandparents and family members were positioned inside the letter “O” and held up a #LucaStrong banner, while a drone flew overhead to capture the moment from above.

Luca Strong Day is an extension of a collaboration between Harmony Elementary and Thorne Middle Schools, which began showing support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October) eight years ago by creating a link of pink from one school to other, as students joined hands to connect the campuses.

Three years ago, when Iacono was diagnosed, Harmony came together in solidarity for their peer to launch Luca Strong Day.

“It’s definitely touching, and overwhelming at times, but in a good way,” said his mother, Michelle Iacono. “It really does give all of us strength.”

“Luca is an incredible kid and a wonderful friend to everyone in our community. Despite what he’s battling through right now he always has a smile on his face and tries to brighten the day of everyone around him. He’s a true inspiration and an absolute hero, and we’ll always stand strong with him,” said Paulson.