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Port Monmouth Receives $6K Target Grant, Materials from Middletown Library, to Launch Koala Cove

Earlier this month Port Monmouth Elementary School celebrated the award of a $6,000 grant from the national retail corporation Target.

Since its founding in 1946, Target gives back five percent of its profits to local community groups, which equates to more than $3 million per week.

Port Monmouth was the latest recipient of the company’s philanthropic efforts, receiving funding to revitalize the school’s library.

“The reason for this project is that we never want to have one of our students tell us they don’t have a book to read,” said Port Monmouth Principal Maureen McCormack. “We have a school full of avid readers, and we want them to be reading during any spare time they have in their day. In order to do that, we need to give them the books. We want their love for reading to grow exponentially.”

McCormack and the Port Monmouth school community were visited by about 50 Target volunteers on Jan. 17, who helped paint walls, decorate the halls, and provide a flash-makeover to the school’s library. 

Following Target's visit, the Port Monmouth community came together with administrators and the members of the Board of Education on the evening of Jan. 30 for the official opening of its new reading center, the Koala Cove, which was stocked with reading materials from the Middletown Township Public Library.

A look inside Port Monmouth's Koala Cove shows comfy chairs, stuffed animals, and shelves filled with books.