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An Update to the District's High School Graduation Information (5.31.20)

Dear students and parents of the graduating class of 2020,

It is our goal to provide our seniors with the most meaningful and memorable graduation experience we can create within the NJDOE guidelines.

We recognize the significance of this graduation milestone and the importance of a traditional ceremony to celebrate our students’ accomplishments. We realize that we only have one opportunity to get this right and are ready to make any needed changes.

To better understand and appreciate the perspectives of the Class of 2020 in regards to their graduation, Mr. Kirkpatrick and Dr. Cartier will meet virtually with student leaders of their high schools tomorrow afternoon, June 1, at 1 pm. The seniors will have an opportunity to share their concerns and to discuss alternatives to the current graduation plan.

To provide our seniors with the best graduation experience possible, we are willing to change the timeline for graduation events and potentially hold a ceremony in August with the hope that Governor Murphy relaxes the restrictions for graduations.

Tomorrow, after the principals discuss graduation plans with their students and make revisions based on the feedback they receive, I will provide an update to the community.

Thank you for your continued support and patience.


William O. George III, Ed. D.

Superintendent of Schools